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In 1938, our premier organization, Jack and Jill of America, Inc., was founded in the "Mighty" East.  For over 80 years, Jack and Jill has affected the lives of children, making them thoughtful, philanthropic, and civically-engaged leaders.  Chapter programming is the "heart" of our organization.  The National Harbor Chapter program is centered around leadership development, awareness of cultural heritage and community service.


Our Chapter prides itself on ensuring that our Chapter-wide and grade group activities adhere to the National Programmatic Thrust set forth from the National Executive Board: Cultural, Education, Health, Civic and Social/Recreational. 

Diamonds and Dinosaurs - 2 years old to Kindergarten
Our youngest Jacks and Jills will engage in activities for the 2020-2021 program year that develop rapport and friendship within their group. The seed of service is also planted with one or more service projects and service becomes a way of life early in their lives. Some activities include a community Halloween Party fundraiser, trip to the Aviation museum to learn about African-American pilots, and a STEM gardening excursion.

Emeralds and Eagles - 1st - 3rd grade
Our little ones in this grade group are full of imagination, creativity and curiosity. As they grow more independent and take pride in doing more things by themselves, the 2020-2021 program activities will allow our Emeralds and Eagles to explore with a yoga session, a visit to the theatre and a nutrition fun day complete with making healthy snack creations and donating to a food pantry.

Jade and Jaguars - 4th and 5th grade

Our young intellectual pursuit seekers in this grade group are becoming more aware of their peer group.  As a result, 2020-2021 programming for this group will allow for expression and friendly competition with a fencing expedition, an embassy tour with a Blessing Bag for the homeless service project, and a science experiment party.

Topaz and Tigers - 6th - 8th grade

The preteen group is full of diversified needs, interests and maturity levels.  The programming is designed to allow for cooperative planning with the preteens to meet their uniqueness.  Activities for the 2020-2021 program year range from a digital media workshop/high school information session to vision boarding and an MLK Day of Giving. 

Pearls and Panthers - 9th - 12th grade
The teen group is the pinnacle of the Jack and Jill experience. As the teens mature, they are responsible for planning their program with the guidance of the Teen Advisors. During our program year, the teens hold offices and chair committees, conduct their own meetings and serve as teen hosts for their activities. The activities center around completion of the JMB modules in leadership development and financial literacy, the annual Project Give Back community service event, and preparation for and participation in the annual Teen Conference.

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